Community Committee Meeting #1

Date: February 27th 2014 Meeting ID:


➔ Giustina Mizzoni – HWF
➔ Eugene McDonagh – HWF, Killaloe and Limerick Dojos
➔ Ben Chapman – HWF, Dublin and DCU Dojos
➔ Greg Bulmash – Seattle CoderDojo
➔ Dave Welch – Iowa City CoderDojo
➔ Radu Ticiu -Timisoara, Romania
➔ Ann Donnelly – Clonakilty Dojo,
➔ Craig Steele – Glasgow Coderdojo, CoderDojo Scotland
➔ Rob Curran – Wimslow, Barcleys, Hayes Recruitment CoderDojos
➔ Paul Browne – Leiden Netherlands
➔ Carmelo Presicce – Bolognia CoderDojo, CoderDojo Italia
➔ Jason Blum – Washington DC CoderDojo
➔ Shara Karasic – LA Dojo
➔ Bill Liao – CoderDojo Co-Founder

Brief background to the Community Committee:

● The October community call was a kick off to explore different ways of
involving the community with the HWF organisation. The aim was to
create an avenue for the community to contact HWF and also to create a
formal avenue for HWF to seek support, guidance and feedback from the
community on various projects we might be working on.

Agenda: Discussion of CoderDojo Community Committee Terms of Reference as published on the HWF Blog

Basic Terms:

● Community Committee Call to be held every 2nd Month for
approximately 60 minutesFeb. 27th Community Committee Meeting #1 Hello World Foundation
● A quorum was imposed of ⅔ of all members
● For a decision to be passed a minimum of 50% members present
need to vote in favor; for special issues 75% of members present need to
vote in favour (definition of special issues to be clarified)

Action: Definition of ‘Special’/Special resolutions from best practice perspective and to be added to the proposed terms of reference/minutes – Giustina

● Calls will be recorded; these will not be made public and will be kept for
minutes and in the event of a query arising.
● Calls will be recorded; these will not be made public and will be kept for
minutes and in the event of a query arising.
● There will be a rotating Chair at each Community Committee meeting
with the designated chair decided prior to each meeting and supported
by a HWF deputy chair.
● Minutes will be taken and posted to the CoderDojo Organisers Google
Group within two weeks of the call. All post to the CoderDojo Organisers
Google Group are publicly viewable.

Action: Meeting Minutes to be created and shared on Organisers Google Group –
Laura (HWF)

Agenda Setting

● All members will be asked to submit any questions to the Committee
Google Group two weeks prior to the call, if an item gets seconded it will
be added to the agenda, item must be seconded 2 weeks prior to call to
be added to Agenda.

Action: Setup and add all Committee Members to Google Group – Giustina

● All Committee members will be expected to have read/done any
necessary research prior to the meeting on agenda items.
● All Committee members will be required to familiarize themselves with
the agenda prior to the meeting.

Remit of Committee

● The foundation will take any strategic issue/decision/project that will have
a direct impact on the CoderDojo Community to the Committee;
examples include amendments Charter etc
● The foundation will not take decisions regarding internal capacity building
of the organization to the Committee such as HR, Fundraising.

Committee Member Selection

● The foundation believes that for the Committee to function as intended
the number of members on the Committee cannot exceed a figure that
enables positive discussion. We propose that the committee never
exceeds 20 members who will relay information back to their regional
Dojos. Push to secure more representatives from emerging regions. eg.
Oceania, South America etc. When demand grows we can review
subcommittee structures eg. Romania, Italy

Action: Invite/reach out to representatives from Oceania/Asia/Africa etc. in order to
make Community Committee more representative of the global community, cap at 20 –

● The members of the Committee are to be representative of the amount
of Dojos globally, if there is a need for it committee members may be
asked to step down to make room for a member from an unrepresented
● If numerous community members from the one region wish to join the
committee how should the member be selected? Should be based on the
CoderDojo Romania and CoderDojo Italia process such as Radu and
Carmello have demonstrated.
● If a committee member is repeatedly unable to participate in calls,
discussions or is acting negligibly should they be asked to remove
themselves from? What process should be used?

– Members to send a proxy (from same region) if unable to attend.
– Miss 2 calls given a reminder, miss you 3 call in a year then asked
to step down, at the 3rd meeting a vote will be taken.
-75% vote to remove committee members if issues arise.

● Committee members agree to a term of 1 year with option of re applyingFeb. 27th Community Committee Meeting #1 Hello World Foundation
after the first year.
Other Terms
● Committee members will be expected to raise any concerns arising in
their regions, enabling HWF to be proactive in resolving them.
● Unless it has become an issue relevant to the entire community and is
added as a topic for discussion, any grievances with the HWF are not to be
discussed in this setting but feel free to contact the team directly
● Committee members should be motivated solely by the aim of benefiting
the CoderDojo community and any decisions made in regard to this should
not be affected by members involvement with any outside organisations#

Action: A disclaimer is to be written up to confirm agreement to terms of reference by Community Committee members. – Giustina

The Next Call end of April.

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