Get your Dojo featured in your local Irish newspaper

Irish Dojo champions,


We’ve been approached by Shane Treanor of Media Force who represents 53 local newspapers across Ireland. He would love to work with Irish Dojos to help increase awareness within their local areas. See his proposal below:


“The idea is to run a special Coding Column biweekly across our titles. These papers have 1.7 million readers across 53 local titles in Ireland. The Dojo column would be organised locally between each paper and the relevant Dojo. There would be no charge for this content and everything with each Dojo would be organised locally between a journalist and an appointed Dojo volunteer.”


We would encourage Irish Dojos to avail of this amazing opportunity as it gives CoderDojo students and volunteers the opportunity to get recognition in their local newspaper for their accomplishments. This exposure from this could also help your Dojo source new mentors, volunteers and increase new member awareness. 


This opportunity is now closed. 


If you are interested please contact us directly for more information: [email protected]






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