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In Romania there are now four registered CoderDojo’s in four different cities: Bucharest, Timisoara, Arad and Oradea. In this edition of Featured Dojo we will be having a look at CoderDojo Timisoara.

The Timisoara CoderDojo takes place every Saturday morning in the Timisoara Startup Hub, City Business Centre. They focus on involving young people of all ages with their Dojo by giving the older students a chance to teach the younger students what they have learnt. This gives the students the chance to experience every aspect of the the Dojo from being a student to a mentor.


“Again we had a good event continuing the internship-like involvement of the [e-spres-oh] ninjas. 56 kids, about 8 of them new, 14 mentors, also couple of them are new.”


On the 28th of January CoderDojo Timisoara celebrated their 1st birthday! They have run over 40 Dojos since they began last year! What a great achievement, well done!


Image: CoderDojo Timisoara


You may have noticed that the CoderDojo zen map has recently been updated clustering groups of Dojos together within a region. The Romanian CoderDojos have become the “3rd strongest #CoderDojoAggregation in Continental Europe and the 11th worldwide!”. It’s fantastic to see such a close community growing so fast. We look forward to more news from CoderDojo Timisoara. Also Happy Birthday to Timisoara CoderDojo champion Ricu Ticiu who recently celebrated his birthday.


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