Guidelines when registering your Dojo on Zen.

We have been working hard over the last few months to improve the quality of listings on Zen and have put together the below guidelines to help you in registering your dojo.

To register you dojo you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to

  • Click “Register” in the top right.

  • Register yourself as a champion with an email address that matches the “Registration Email Address” criteria below.

  • Login with your new details.

  • Click “Start a Dojo” on the top menu.

  • Fill in all your details as per the criteria below.

  • Submit your Dojo.

  • We will review as soon as we can and either verify or email requesting changes.

We are currently experiencing high volumes so please be patient.





Registration Email address

Needs to be a personal email address.

This email address is private and will never be shown on the Zen listing. We need to know who is the champion running a Dojo so please use an email address the can be linked to you.

Dojo Name

Formatted as Town[, State][ @ Sponsor]

As the list is alphabetical it’s hard for users to find a Dojo in the page unless it’s formatted this way

Dojo Email Addrerss

Not personal email

It best to have an email address that others can access so that multiple volunteers can answer emails. If you leave this blank on registration we can issue a new email address once all other information is correct.


Must be standard time, or place to refer to. If place to refer to is used, ensure it exists.



Postal-style address

Making it easier to find the venue using Sat Nav, Google Maps etc


Check if coordinates match address (roughly)

We have large maps of Dojos all around the world, this provides Data for those. This also powers the Dojo search so if you dont have this right people will not find your Dojo when you search (Note: this takes 10 minitues to update)


Need to have informative notes.

Must have at least:

  • What they are required to bring.

  • What are the requirements on parent attending.

  • What are the registration requirements.

It’s information that parents will ask and it saves you from answering the same email 100 times over. It also makes some of the criteria for attending clear.

Twitter, Website

Must be an account exclusive to the CoderDojo

Parents shouldn’t have to filter information about your company from info about your Dojo

Closed Dojo

A Dojo must be open to attendees from outside the supporting organisation.

Zen is primerily a tool for people to find there Local Dojo and if you are not open for them to attendee it can be confusing. Join our newsletter and we will let you know as other resources you can use are released.

We hope this information will help you in getting your Dojo listing to a stage that is ready for verification.

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