Celebrity Guest at Seattle Dojo

The Seattle CoderDojo received a celebrity guest last weekend. Hadi Partovi the founder of Code.org and the man behind the Hour of Code visited the Dojo.



 Hadi told the students about what Code.org is doing to get more young people involved and learning to code. He then held a Q&A session with the students of the Dojo. He was asked questions like:

“What it was like to learn coding back in the 80’s?”

The Seattle Dojo also pioneered their “Loan a Laptop” program in association with Amazon for this Dojo. This program provides Dojo students with some machines that they can use during the Dojo sessions.


The Seattle Dojo has grown in size from 20 students attending at the start to having almost 100 students in attendance at this Dojo! Well done to everybody involved.

You can read the full post on the Seattle Blog.

Exciting upcoming locations for Seattle Dojos in April:


– Their first on-campus Dojo at Microsoft’s Redmond HQ

– A Dojo at Paul Allen’s Living Computer Museum

– A Dojo in the shadow of the SR-71 Blackbird at the Seattle Museum of Flight.

More details here.

If you would like to help out at the Seattle Dojo please contact them here. CoderDojos are always looking for volunteers and mentors so if you would like to help out your local Dojo you can start here.

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