The Manchester CoderDojo

This month we are highlighting the Manchester Dojo setup in Dec 2012 by Steven Flower for young coders in his area. Steven say’s: “Initially about eight turned up all of them boys.” Now the ratio in the Manchester Dojo has tipped 60:40 in favour of the girls! In December the Dojo marked its first birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Manchester Dojo Students

The Manchester Dojo was recently mentioned on the BBC website for their attendance at the world's biggest learning technology show in today in London. At the event Dojo student and European Digital Girl of the year (11-14 years) Amy Mather, encourages other young people, especially girls to get involved and learn to code. She started coding when she was 11, now 14 she’s developing her own apps and software. This is what CoderDojo is all about, young people learning to code and share their experience with others.


Amy Mather

Another regular attendee at the Manchester Dojo, Edward Benningson is currently working on two projects using a Raspberry Pi. One which turns the Raspberry Pi into a cloud server and the other using the Raspberry Pi to send radio waves. You can watch Edward talk about his projects here. We are happy to hear that the Manchester CoderDojo have received their new batch of Raspberry Pis and the students are putting them to good use.




The CoderDojo community is growing at an exponential rate in Manchester! All the tickets for the next Dojo in The Sharp Project were registered in just under four hours!! This is a great accomplishment. Well done to all the students, volunteers and mentors involved in the Manchester Dojo. Sign up for the Manchester Dojos newsletter for more information and updates from them.


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