Jan’14 Kata News

Hi All,

Hope you had a happy  Christmas and are doing great things in the new year.

Two main pieces for this month: First is the Kata workshop being organised for Feb 9th in Science Gallery and the second is the usual round up of additions and changes to the kata.

This is the programme to date for Feb 9th. I think it's turning out to be a unique event with an excellent cast! Let me know if there is anything I have left out or if you have any suggestions to improve the event (or the kata).

Kata.CoderDojo.com Mentor Workshop


What is Coderdojo? CoderDojo is a worldwide Open Source Organisation , formed here in Ireland but spread over 25 countries in under 2 years. Run by volunteers(Mentors/Champions and Parents)  who give up their Saturdays to teach kids to code

What is the Kata?

The kata is an online resource where mentors collate share and offer tech support to other mentors. This knowledge base contains links,tips, advice ,code and tutorials on numerous coding subjects languages and theory.

What is this Kata workshop?:

The first of it's kind, this workshop will gather Kata tutorial creaters. Mentors ,Educationalists Parents Champions and would be mentors and Professional coders to gather and build on the work already done.

(Everything will be documented including how to run a kata workshop)

  • How to get the best from the Kata- Coderdojos online Resource Knowledgebase
  • How to improve the Kata

The best programmers in the world are poets, when they learn young enough they become native speakers, and poets say more with less Bill Liao, CoFounder, CoderDojo

 Confirmed topics

Game Development as Poetry:

Paul Andrew McGee -Dreamfeel.net –

As a Game Coder-Designer and Media Theorist, Paul will discuss code as poetry. Insightful, funny and inspirational. Paul shares his thought on creativity, coding and game design

Open Data – Coding and the Community:

Eoin from Central Statistics Office and Apps4gaps.ie :

explains what Open data is,  the Census, datasets  and how we can use those datasets to win prizes!!!!

Diva Dojos – Facilitating Girls in Coderdojo:

Niamh Scullion  -CoderdojoGirls DCU and Noel King – Coderdojo DCU : 

have been running a Girls Focussed Dojo requlalry in DCU. They share their insights and experiences so we can create more inclusive tutorials and resources.

Robotics and Ardiunos:

Liam Friel – Coderdojo Bray –

Ardionos and robotics is spreading like wildfire across the dojos. Liam shares valuable experience from procuring kits to building resources to be used .

Github and Social Coding:

Speaker to be confirmed  :Journals,Repository,Version,Backup, Collaboration : Used by coders all around the world, how can Github be utilised to imrove the work of both mentor and ninjas.

Debating in the Dojo:

James Crook from Coderdojo Science Gallery :

Will give a report on a pilot project he has been facilitating. From critical thinking to confidence building- how debating on technology can add to the tools available to the participant coders.


Monthly Kata Updates:

Checkout the excellent Mission: Python page!! Big thanks to Julian and Liam at Bray coderdojo . http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Python

I'm also in the process of restoring  the coderdojo-drogheda tutorials by uploading them as pdfs and converting them to wiki style. Big thanks to Johnathan Callan and Mark Reilly  for the intro to jquery and the make a website tutorial http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/HTMLCSSJavascript

I've finally added content to the Php page. It includes a link to 200 videos via Boston academy. The page has been there since the beginning but was blank. http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Php

Same with the Javascript page which includes numerous brilliant videos by Douglas Crockford. Maybe a bit advanced (16yrs+) but their quality is unique and essential viewing for any coder. http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Javascript

Meanwhile I've added a crafty.js page,

a) to collate the tutorials already out there, but are surprisingly hard to find (other than the build_new_games one) and
b) to begin documenting the crafty doings of Will Knott and myself and any other mentor who wishes to join in.  http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Crafty

I've added a tips page for encouraging girls to code (thanks for the suggestion James) we will start filling it with content over the next while. http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Administrative_Resources#Mentor_Methodologies

Also note I've linked the references to each of the languages in the descriptions on the front page to make finding those landing pages a bit easier. http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/Main_Page

Also checkout the DungeonQuest challenge @scratchtastic http://kata.coderdojo.com/wiki/ScratchTastic from Coderdojo Drogheda

Coming soon: more on the shooter page and and all new Perl section !!!!!

'till next time – Happy Coding!

Kata News

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