Dec’13 Kata News

Greetings from the Kata, We have a lot of new code for you this month to try for yourself over the holiday season. First up after a great Codeweek and  Hour of Code, Eugene spotted a great resource at the khan academy. As he  says : 'You should try them this week on some of those kids that are ready to move off Scratch but finding the move daunting :-)' I've added the link at the javascript page . If you come across any other Codeweek or Hour of code resources please add them in the comments.

Now last month I promised two extra variations to the simple canvas game which I've done, just not the two I promised. My intention was to add the abilty for the hero to shoot in one variation and for the bad guy to shoot in another, but I only got round to doing the first. Luckly a coding ninja for GalwayCoderdojo provided the second variation in this one he has changed the background and added a second bad guy.

The javascript adventure game added over the past 2 weeks has proved pretty popular on twitter. My twitter account is @emc23dotcom, if you want to keep up to date. The adventure game consists of a single array and a series of if-statements. Very very simple and a simple introduction to variables and array elements.

Dec'13 Kata News










Finally I've started work on a series of shooter clones. To fully investigate the javascript canvas and to start posting javascript in an object-oriented manner, I will be building four or five variations such as a space inaders clone, a defender clone, a galaxians clone and a racer game using spacesjips ๐Ÿ™‚

The tutorials are here

'Til next time – Happy Coding!

Kata News

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