Yahoo donate 40 servers to CoderDojo

James hugs the servers

James hugs the servers

A few weeks ago we arrived at our warehouse in a top-secret Dublin location where we stockpile Raspberry Pis for UK Dojo’s to find we’d had a delivery, 40 shiny second-hand servers from Yahoo!. Of course, James couldn’t resist having a bit of fun (see right)…

Mark and Jonathan, two Data Centre Engineers from Yahoo! (Purple t-shirts in the photo above) arrived at our office for the obligatory photo-shoot.

We have some cool plans to create a server cloud for Dojos on these servers, but we’re still working on the details. Some Dojos have also requested servers, so it’ll be cool to see what they do with them!

Irish Dojos  still have a chance of getting a server, please send an email to [email protected].

Thanks Yahoo!

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