Snipte Competition

Launching a cool new initiative to get kids coding across the world. We are linking up some very high traffic Irish and international websites that will hide code in their page source which we are calling Snipte. These codes snipte can only be found by viewing the source code on these sites. Only by finding and running the code will you get a clue to where the next Snipte can be found.
As we want to feature simple JavaScript games created by CoderDojo Ninjas from around the world we are holding a competition to find 5 best. Each of the winners will get an official CoderDojo black belt wrist bands and more importantly the opportunity for there code to be run by millions of people around the world. 
Also every single working entry will have a chance at being made famous.
Wining entries will be judged on: 
  • Compactness of code
  • Playability and fun
  • Documentation of the code (submitted separately)
The five most compact yet fun games will be placed on high traffic international media sites and will be seen by millions. The winning coders will be given personal exposure to the media as well.
Javascript Code
For the competion the code must be JavaScript and must be able to run in browser from a local text file. An example 'snipte' can be seen in the source code of
The rules of snipte developement can be found on and can only be seen by viewing the source code.
How to Enter
Entries should be mailed to me personally [email protected] before February 1st, 2014.
This is a contributed post by CoderDojo Co-founder Bill Liao.

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