Nov’13 Kata News

Welcome to the first post, updating you on the latest additions to the Kata – Coderdojo's knowledge-base at

First off there's now an advanced track to Athenry's excellent Scratch resources. These are an excellent sret of tutorials pdfs and challenges that are hugely popular amongst Scratch Dojos. Big Thanks to Michael and Oliver at Athenry dojo.

Advanced Track

This is the third part of a trilogy. The previous two tracks can be found here at:

Intermediate Track

Also check out Coderdojo Racer by our friends at Seattle coderdojo. This is an excellent resource that shows how simple it is to get a game loop up and running in scratch.
For those interested in javascript, we've begun a new collab project to see how many variations and additions we can come up with for the simplest of game loops as provided by Lost Decades software house. See Here >>
The idea is:
a) to come up with additions to the game, that ninjas can try out themselves 
b) for the mentors to try writing some code too, as examples.
So far myself and Will Knott have come up with a few variations with a lot more to come. I've added the ability for the hero to shoot in one variation and will add another variation over the next few days were the bad guy (goblin or npc) can shoot instead. Each variation is kept to it's simplest and will be bug ridden- but that's part of the fun, innit?
Coming soon:

  1. I've added another few links to various game libraries which I'm currently testing and playing with. I'll post some reviews over the coming weeks
  2. I've added some links to  books I've used–some game coding oriented and some more php and javascript specific. I'll post some reviews on them too.
  3. There's a few dojos building robots and other hardware projects. I'd expect the resources to start coming in in the new year.
Looking for collaborators:
Any python resources out there? With DojoGame and Scratchtastic! filling out nicely, it's time to fill out the Python power section. Anybody got any ideas?
Micro-video tutorials:
Also we are looking to make some micro videos for the kata. To start we are looking at making a video on preparing your machine for each of the 3 main os. This would include downloading a text editor, a browser , maybe registering or downloading scratch etc.
We would be looking for people to make storyboards and/or use screen captures.

Maybe somebody to do voice-overs or write the scripts. If interested pop into the kata google group

If anyone wants tech support or to come up with coding idea to share please register at the kata google group

'Til next time – Happy Coding!

Kata News

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