CoderDojo Tampa

CoderDojo Tampa

When we read this blog post about  Tampa Bay dojo we were so proud of  how  far CoderDojo has come we just had to feature it.

An excerpt from Silicon Glades:

The CoderDojo in Tampa Bay Area (@CoderDojoTPA) took off faster than any of us expected, and has enjoyed a strong momentum since the first one held in May 2013.  The purpose of this article is to share with others how ‘many hands make light work’ in CoderDojo Tampa Bay Area, Florida.  While at it, I want to try to create a simple playbook that can inspire others in any city or county in the world to launch a CoderDojo in their neighborhood.  It is indeed very fulfilling.

After the word got out about the CoderDojo initiative we had many interested mentors reaching out to us.  I then began looking for venues that we could use.  The venue had to meet a few ‘must-have’ criteria.  It must be free to use.  It must be easy to reach on a weekday evening, and easy to find free parking for parents driving their kids to the CoderDojo.  The venue must be one where children feel comfortable and very much at home.  The venue must be safe for the parents, children and mentors to walk from their vehicles to the building.  We were offered free space, and access to corporate buildings but I was looking for something more kid-friendly.  I can’t recall who suggested that we also contact our local public library.  The libraries in the county fall under the purview of the Hillsborough County.  Before I knew it, I was filling out an application form and reserving rooms for a few dates at the library.  

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