DojoCon 2014 – Call for submissions.

After very successful DojoCons in 2012 & 2013 there is a queue of Dojo looking for the honour of hosting the 2014 event. To be fair to all Dojo's we issuing an open call for submissions with a closing date of December 2nd 2013.  The 2014 event will be held no earlier than March 2014 to give close to the 12 month break after the last event. The final selection will be completed by a diversified group of Dojo Champions that have no links to any of the locations which are submitting proposals. DojoCon is organised by a cohort of community members with support from HWF among other sponsors and partners. HWF is facilitating the selection of the 2014 location! Now here is the hard part, what information do you need to include 🙂

  • Event outline
  • Location
    • Type of venue.
    • Dates it is available
    • Capacity
    • How AV will be handled.
    • Broadband/Wifi specification
      • Will it support the suggest number of Guests?
      • Will it support streaming?
      • If a new systems is to be installed for the event we will need a good specification form the provider.
  • Accommodation
    • Local Hotels and Accommodation Deals.
    • Transport from the venue, local accommodation & connection with Public Transport
  • Team
    • Who is is the lead?
    • What team members do you have supporting them?
  • Costs
    • A rough outline of the costs of the event (Drogheda will be providing a break down from DojoCon2013 next week)
    • Ticket Cost – Will you be charging for the event?
    • Sponsorship – Outline potential sponsors in your area and what is there level of commitment to date.

  Any questions should be asked as a comment to this post so that the answers are free for all other Dojo's to see. All submissions should be emailed to [email protected] with a subject line of "DojoCon2014 Proposal- {Dojo name}" before 12.30pm, December 2nd, 2013.


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