#CodeEU November 25-30 2013

Register your Dojo or Organise a community event as part of Europes Code Week!! #CodeEU

This November from the 25th – 30th Code Week EU, a week designed to celebrate coding across Europe is taking place #codeEU! The idea behind it is to connect people, groups and companies who are all passionate about coding and want to help more people experience the joy of writing their first line of code!

What can you do to help Code Week?

There are a number of ways people can get involved.

  • Firstly we are encouraging every European Dojo (of which there are 159!) to check out the website and register their regular weekly Dojo session as an #codeEU event. This will help create awareness of not only the event but also of the amazing work CoderDojo coordinators, mentors, champions and parents do regularly to expose their children to wonders of coding.
  • Why not get your Dojo to think of a creative way of bringing what you do every week out into the community with a special event to highlight coding?
  • Or you can share the #codeEU presentation highlighting the purpose of the week which is available here!

Finally check out the map of #codeEU initiatives to get in touch with local ambassadors in your country to see what they have planning!

The Irish Ambassador is Julie Cullen, you can reach her @cullej29 of the 97 Dojos in Ireland I’m sure something exciting will be planned!

So why celebrate Coding?

Not a day goes by where the European media doesn’t make a reference to the Global Skills Gap. According to Eurostat as of August 2013 within the EU-28 there were over 26.6 million unemployed people of which nearly 5.5million are under 25 years old! In the Euro countries youth unemployment stands at 23.3%. What makes these figures even more difficult to digest is that there is a projected shortfall of up to 900,000 ICT professionals in Europe by 2015.

Coding is an enabling technology at the very heart of the digital revolution. With the rise in the digital society the need for more programmers has become more and more  evident. The lack of programmers is not just the technology industries problem. It is an issue that has affected every industry because technology is transforming how every industry communicates, collaborates and works together.  CoderDojo is filling voids left by traditional and mainstream education systems. All community members within CoderDojo whether champions, co-ordinators, mentors or parents are doing their part by giving young people the opportunity to learn this enabling technology.


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