Committee of Mentors Launch

Taking CoderDojo Community Involvement to the Next Level

A new committee of mentors has been assembled to help discuss core issues that CoderDojo faces, with a small batch of representatives supported by the Hello World Foundation.  The primary purpose is to help advise the Hello World Foundation on the needs of the CoderDojo community  and to give feedback on proposed resource development among other areas.

James Wheltons email of 19th July:

New champions and mentors really wanted to connect with experienced champions who had perhaps set up more than one CoderDojo. But most of all people wanted to know where to go and who to talk to if they wanted to get involved in group or national events.

At Hello World Foundation we have tried to assist by manning a support line at [email protected], this has solved a lot of initial queries, but we feel more can be done. We would love to support a structured group of active, self selecting coordinators/champions/mentors at a national/international level.
-Co-founder James Whelton

New Committee Members

The following mentors have volunteered their time to converge and help take part in shaping the next steps for CoderDojo:

  • Margaret | CoderDojo Clonakilty (IE)
  • Ann | CoderDojo Clonakilty (IE)
  • Dennis | CoderDojo Birr (IE)
  • Devon | CoderDojo Long Island & Fredex (US)
  • Jason | CoderDojo Long Island (US)
  • Michael | CoderDojo Galways & Atenry (IE)

A series of meetings and discussions will be scheduled, and agendas publicly released to include the community with the first call planned for October. If you are interested in getting involved get in touch with Giustina – [email protected].

CoderDojo Organiser’s Google Group

If you are interested in getting further involved with CoderDojo, please join our Organiser’s Group, mentors welcome as well! Community calls will be taking place for all CoderDojo organisers which will be announced in the organisers group.
Please note that it is a private community, please include your location and interest in CoderDojo when applying:!forum/coderdojo-org


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