WANTED: Young people to speak out against the internet trolls

The Twitter trolls and Ask.fm cyber bullies have reigned for too long. We at Webwise have had enough. We are looking for young people in Ireland to join us in our campaign to stop cyber bullying by applying to be members of the Safer Internet Ireland Youth Advisory Panel.

Rather than keep a silence we want teenagers, the people who best know how dangerous and upsetting a place the internet can be, to stand up and speak out against online safety abuses through the Youth Panel. In return we’ll make sure that these views are heard at a national and European level, so that young people can have a real say on the issues that affect them.

Youth panel members

The Safer Internet Ireland Youth Advisory Panel will be made up of 20 members and will meet on three occasions in the academic year 2013/14. The panel will play an active role in developing an anti-cyber bullying campaign and will contribute policy advice to the Department of Education and Skills and the Department of Justice and Equality.

Travel costs incurred by panel members in attending the Youth Panel will be covered by Webwise and all Youth Panel meetings will be held in accordance with the Webwise Child Protection Policy.

Second level students of all ages are welcome to apply to be members of the panel. This year we are particularly keen to include people who use the internet in many different and creative ways. We would love to include young developers, designers and bloggers as well as the politicians and online journalists of tomorrow on our panel. We’d also love to hear from people who have first-hand experience of cyber bullying and most of all, from those people who are passionate about tackling online safety issues.

Students can apply to join the Youth Panel by submitting this application form by Friday, September 13th. All applications will be considered and the panel will be made up of the students who show greatest enthusiasm and interest in internet safety and in using technology in general.


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