Young Rewired State

CoderDojo Mentor Lindsay Macvean will be attending the Young Rewired State Festival of Code Culmination event at the Custard Factory in Birmingham. Read more on his blog here.

“Since 2009 this one event has become a rapidly growing network of developers and designers aged 18 and under. Our primary focus is to continue to find and foster every young person driven to teach themselves how to code, how to program the world around them.

That first weekend is celebrated annually through our Festival of Code, held over a week, (always the first full week of August), in multiple centres culminating in a huge showcase weekend at the Custard Factory in Birmingham.

Throughout the rest of the year we invite all of the young people to attend a variety of events, often ones where they can contribute to solving civic problems through code, or where they can mentor and teach other young people or adults.

We give an outlet to developing talent; to further their understanding and exposure to open data and provide a creative and fun atmosphere for them to meet like-minded individuals.

We want to show them that coding does not have to be isolating – there’s a thriving community of friends and like-minded young people ready and willing to share, support and inspire this new generation of talent, now: the world over.

If you are only just hearing about this wonderful event then make sure to put it into your diary for next year. Go to the website for more information

CoderDojo is delighted to be working with Young Rewired state to raise awareness and support young brilliant coders to do very cool things.


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