How to learn coding – a work in progress

I often get questions from parents and kids wondering about what to learn first, and how do all these different things fit together and I often sketch out a map on how I like to think about it. This is a very brief concept drawing I have produced of that map and explaining as I drew it out.

I have modelled my thoughts on the Khan academy math dependency map which describes the progression of maths skills you need to learn and the dependencies of achieving a particular outcome. The difference is that maths skills are mostly timeless, where as practical coding skills is a dynamic space that often changes, bearing this in mind I still think that this map will stand for a while to come and has some use to understand a progression of skills that can be learned.

Over the top of this you can lay the challenges that inspire kids such as; ‘building a webpage about this cool thing I’m doing and getting it up online’, ‘modding minecraft’, ‘using a raspberry pi’, ‘building a native app for ios’ etc.

Its not pretty, but if people think this is useful I can produce something a bit better. Leave comments if you have thoughts on this subject.



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