Beautiful CoderDojo

Earlier this year MEPs had a chance to “listen and learn” at a showcase “CoderDojo” computer coding workshop, led by young Irish CoderDojo mentors, in the European Parliament building in Brussels.

Now take a look at this video of Coderdojos in action across Ireland specially produced to co-incide with the Digital Agenda Assembly (DAA) in Dublin Castle on Wednesday and Thursday 19 & 20th June. DAA is one of the most significant events of Ireland’s Presidency of the EU Council.

Commenting on the video, Lindsay MacVean, Coderdojo Mentor said:

“Unleashed today on the Digital Assembly website, and included in the Digital Agenda.

Produced by multi award winning film maker Lord Puttnam has created an inspiring video introducing CoderDojo. Accompanied with a beautiful score played live by Puttnam’s son Sacha Puttnam, this short clip captures the essence of CoderDojo.

With raw footage graciously donated by ITB film students who travelled all over the country to catch CoderDojo sessions in action, this captivating short film has condensed a number of key messages about the wonderful energy in every CoderDojo session in the country.

CoderDojo is incredibly grateful to everyone who has made this touching film possible. It is another example of the goodwill and generosity of spirit that makes a free movement like CoderDojo an everyday reality.”

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