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I recently ran into Mark Shortt down in Cork and got talking about his new startup, a directory and registration system for clubs and classes. He has graciously offered registration on the system to all CoderDojo clubs as a way for local people who might be looking generally for activities for their kids to try to discover CoderDojo as useful activity. This could be a fantastic way to introduce kids and parents of kids who might not yet have discovered coding to engage with the technology industry.

Discovering tech by chance is already something that has happened for many rock star CoderDojo goers including my friend Harry Moran who discovered his talent for creating games after walking into a CoderDojo.

So if you are a CoderDojo champion looking to get the CoderDojo message out to your local community, take every opportunity you can to publicise the opportunity for young people to engage with technology, whether thats posters, newsletters, local organisations or online directories such as Click4Classes.

In his own words Mark Shortt tells the story Click4Classes…

Click4Classes Where it all began:

Ballet! It all began with ballet – our co-founder Darren was looking for ballet lessons for his young daughter. He had no idea where to find ballet lessons locally so began searching newspapers, noticeboards, searching online etc. but to no avail. Finally, through word of mouth from local neighbours he found a ballet school 400 yards from his house.

As a result of this Darren contacted a programmer friend to see if they could create a better solution to help the public find the classes they are looking for in one place, and to allow them to book online when they find the class for which they are looking. At the same time allowing class providers to be found locally, and increase revenue. And so was born, a classes and courses platform that allows the public to easily find and book at any time. Our website allows training providers to easily get found, take bookings and provide information about themselves with their own dedicated webpage (

After a successful rollout of our service in Co. Cork we are now expanding to the rest of the country and would like to offer free listings to Coder Dojos throughout the country to help getting found and taking bookings. To sign up please email [email protected]

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