Codinginschools joins CoderDojo is a wonderful voluntary organisation with many similar aims to CoderDojo. Originally set up by Tim Gurney from Manchester as an initiative to bring programming into schools and help create the next generation of Software Engineers!

Tim runs his own software company called wolf software and is just as aware as everyone else in the tech industry of the desperate need for more qualified young coders. This was the reason he chose to do something about it in his local area. Giving his time for free, as an awesome mentor, and creating a fabulous brand aimed at engaging with schools.

After speaking with Tim it quickly became apparent he has exactly the same philosophy as CoderDojo: free open learning, and doing awesomely cool stuff with kids! And so he was happy to join the open source global collaboration of free coding clubs that is… CoderDojo.

Tim has placed the CoderDojo logo on the bottom of the website and I have invited him to join the conversation in places like the coderdojo-org google group and on this Blog.

CoderDojo can also claim another 3 locations in Manchester. This is now the second time that a small Coding Club network has joined the CoderDojo collaboration. The first being Joek in Amsterdam. We hope its the start of a trend, as more and more smaller clubs come out of the woodwork and band together to solve this challenge facing society; ‘the need for awesome coders that play well with others’.

If you also have a small coding club initiative and would like to join the CoderDojo collaboration first check this list.

1. are you free?
2. are you open (as in open data, and opensource)?
3. are you about learning (not necessarily teaching)?
4. are you for kids?
5. are you awesome?

If all of this applies to you then you are welcome to use the CoderDojo logo, and join the community as a partner CoderDojo initiative, and we look forward to hearing from you. You can drop us an email at [email protected], and also register your locations on the system.

It is my genuine belief that the future of our society rests in the hands of these committed individuals who give up their free time to create open learning environments so the next generation can flourish in the new technological world. Learning code, being ninja, being cool!

In the mean time we welcome you Tim to the CoderDojo collaboration, keep up the good work and keep telling people about the global shortage of coders.


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