CoderDojo in goosebump US advertising

CoderDojo has a mention in this awesome video released on US advertising channels last night. I know its good because when I saw a preview just before release yesterday, I got goose bumps.

Courtesy of the 'Industrial Development Authority' this brilliant video was produced in order to advertise Ireland as an ideal place to do business. The IDA has a primary mission to attract large business to Ireland and they have been enormously successful to date with companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, IBM all setting up headquarters here. CoderDojo is part of that vision in many ways, not least of all because children coming to Ireland now have the opportunity to join 1 of over 80 clubs around the country the most of any country in the world. More importantly CoderDojo is preparing a future generation of software engineers to bridge the skills gap in Ireland for talented programmers. This skills gap is common to all technology based economies on the planet, and so the economy with the richest future of trained professionals has the most potential for success. And this new generation of programmers is already coming to fruition. In the short time since CoderDojo has begun (just under 2yrs), we have already seen young programmers coming of age; such as who last year won a number of successful web development contracts and ended up developing an app for leaving certificate students, oh and did I mention they are only 17. This is just the tip of the iceberg as year after year CoderDojo will continue to produce young adults who have been nurtured in an environment of creativity and most importantly Coding skills. Vive la CoderDojo revolution. Watch this space. And a big thankyou to IDA for this mention in their wonderful release. We hope it attracts many more successful businesses to Ireland.

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