Mowayduino preview

Many of you probably saw and heard from the Moway robots guys in the partner forum at #dojocon. They have gone away and created a very cool update for their robots creating a bridge to the arduino system.

In her own words CEO Elena explains what they have done…

I am writing because we want to launch a new product to the market, mOwayduino a new open hardware robot based on Arduino technology, and programmable in several languages such as Arduino IDE, Scratch, Python and Java.

We have developed a prototype and I describe its characteristics as follows

We are presenting mOwayuduino to you the first, and within about 15 days we will release it to Indiegogo, a crowdfunding platform where new ideas are supported.

We are convinced of the advantages of this new product, so if you also believe in our idea, we ask you to help us to spread the word and together we will get the goal we need to pull it off and make mOwayduinos.

We have developed a website where we will post specified information about mOwayduino Please help us to share it with all the Dojos and with all the sites you know interested in Programming.

If we get our funding and we can finally make it, we will send you first units in donation for you to test mOwayduino.

I keep waiting for your comments and I take advantage of this occasion to send you my kindest regards,

Yours Sincerely,

Elena Merino


Needless to say we are itching to get our hands on these prototypes and maybe tour them round some of the Dojos in Ireland and UK.

Discussions are open for a discount offer for the CoderDojo program. More on this as things progress.

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