#coderdojodivas April 20th

The next session for Coderdojo Divas @ Coderdojo Limerick will be on Saturday April 20th at 11am. This is just a taster for what we have in store. For any of the girls coming along, you can pick whatever stream you would like to work with.

  • Technovation HackDay Challenges

We completed the first Technovation challenge in creating the CrystalBall app and there are plenty more resources and tutorials in creating Android apps using AppInventor so for anyone who wants to continue working through those, we will be able to support them.

  • LEGO Mindstorms Robot and AppInventor

For those looking for an extra challenge and want to continue working with AppInventor, we will have a LEGO Mindstorms Robot at the dojo for which you can program a remote control app through AppInventor. We have a basic model but here’s a video to show you the potential of programming robots.

  • Develop your own Android App

Do you have an idea for your own Android App? Bring it to the dojo and start work on it!

  • Introduction to HTML

We’ve had a request to start HTML and CSS work so we’re readying some tutorials for Saturday based on the excellent resources available from our own Coderdojo mentors and the curriculum used at Girl Develop It, San Francisco. And we hope to share whatever we can with other dojo members already working with these technologies in the Limerick dojo.

  • Any requests?

We will be putting in place some short speaking sessions at various times over the next couple of months but are there any topics or other technologies you would like to see added to the mix? There’s lots to choose from and we will do our best to explore any of them that we can.

That’s it for now – see you on Saturday! Don’t forget to book your place.

Eventbrite - CoderDojo Divas (Girl Hackday) Limerick 20th April 2013

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