DesignerDojo- Free 3D modeling for kids


My name’s Paul Lee. I am a “virtual architect” I have been passionate about education in the design field and about solving the technical problems faced by those that wish to work in the areas of engineering, construction, architecture, landscape, product design, virtual environments and many others.

DesignerDojo was an idea floated in a conversation between myself and Bill Liao a few months ago when I showed him a plan to teach 3D modeling in schools. I have a SketchUp training company and we wanted to use our vast experience of teaching both kids and adults to create materials that would get kids up and running with some great tools. So we developed the website:

DesignerDojo: Free 3D modeling training for kids

The “Get Started” button on the website brings you to two links:

1. A SketchUp file that includes instructions on how to use SketchUp to create the skateboard. (Now at v. 0.1 and still needs to be finished)

2. A pdf file that shows how to export models from SketchUp into Minecraft.

DesignerDojo- Free 3D modeling for kids The DesignerDojo Skateboard Modeling Project.

We will be tackling the massive subject of 3D printing really soon. For the moment our blog is to be found here This concept is under constant development and we invite you to sign up to our newsletter that appears on the homepage, and we would really love to hear your suggestions on what else we might include and what other ideas you have on relevant topics.

The DD session that we ran in Avego on the 9th of April was attended by Lindsay, Bill and James. Thanks for coming along guys. Recordings of the day’s activities will be appearing on RTÉ Nationwide in a few weeks- I have no hard dates yet.

Thanks, Paul.

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