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A Coder Dojo in Camden

Kudos to mentor Andy Kent, Ninja David Jay, and proud parent Alan Jay among others from the Camden CoderDojo in London, who were today mentioned in a Guardian Article.

The inevitable advancement of CoderDojo in the UK begins. I personally have contact with 5 CoderDojos (not including the amazing Craig and the work he is doing in Scotland). To anyone who will listen to my ramblings, I envision a network of CoderDojos across the country revolutionising “digital literacy” in the right way.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the tech industry is suffering because children are not learning computer fundamentals at an early age and there is not enough support for children to learn skills like computer science in their teenage years when it might have most impact on them.

As this excellent article points out Google CEO Eric Schmidt has repeatedly called for changes to be made. So far the education system has struggled to find formula. In the mean time CoderDojo has been going from strength to strength around the world. With an ever improving formula, Technical Mentors, parents, some kids with laptops all in a room together.

If you are in the UK and passionate about technology education for the younger generation  then I encourage you join the CoderDojo community. Go to the start a CoderDojo page by clicking here and get started.

I look forward to hearing many more reports of children being inspired to code across the UK over the coming months.


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