#generationgame at Dell

Wow what a day. The Generation Game at Dell in Limerick. If you weren’t there you should have been. From Bouncy Castles to 3d racing games, exhibitors, talks, and workshops.

An early start for me on the Bus at 8am and I arrived with some trepidation, only to discover a kitted out event hall with 25-30 exhibitors, 3 workshop spaces and a main stage.

James Whelton managed to get the wrong Bus as usual, however did turn up in time for his talk ๐Ÿ™‚ and as usual there was much excitment at his arrival and all the exciting things he had to say.

Also in attendance was PizzaBot creator Harry Moran another stalwart of the CoderDojo community, demoing his new release RobotRun.

The end of the day was marked in tragedy as children cried at having to leave such wonderful attractions.

Workshops included Stephen Howell and his Scratch Leap motion interface which has to be seen to be believed; and extremely insightful sessions such as CyberBullying which is a topical and important issue at the moment.

Highlights for me must have been the look on James Wheltons face when he realised how many people he was going to talk to, and the 3d racing simulator which had a queue out the door.

Organised by 2nd year event management students LIT did a fantastic Job keeping everyone motivated. And of course it could not have been pulled off without the generosity of Dell both in giving its space, and resources. No request was too much.

Thankyou to everyone involved, and I am sure that next year will be an even bigger success.

For more information on this event, and shortly to be announced for next year go to


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