Resthill: DAT DLC!

Okay, so as Resthill has to be transferred onto a new computer, the development process was initially slowed down, so we at OutBox sat down and thought, “alright if we can’t work on Resthill for the next week , then we may as well start the first DLC, and so here we are, coding Resthill’s first EVER bit of live downloadable content, which to us seems pretty big, in fact it seems HUGE. And so were asking you, the fans to, comment on the site, comment on our Facebook wall, share this post, draw artwork, Talk about the game, Obsess over the game,Get a tattoo of the main characters on your forehead.. or not.. Cry because your waiting for a game that hasn’t even been released and you have nothing better to do than stalk our posts (Yes we love you superfans) and give us ideas for what YOU want to see in the next Resthill DLC!. Without you guys, were nothing
~ Robert Long,Head of OutBox Game Studios

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