Resthill: Monthly updates, mods and more!

So Resthill is at a key stage in it’s development, with
initial DLC planned and a concept up on Steam, Resthill now quite popular.
If the game get’s up on Steam it will be open to a modding community, something that the developers smile upon, so that we may give you, the fans, a chance to actively participate in a gaming community based around the lore and creativity that surrounds Resthill. If the concept is not greenlit (for some reason) a nexus will be open, allowing people to download mods without a Steam profile, and may even be linked on the main site. We also planned monthly updates for Resthill, so that we may keep adding features and so as the players may be able to continue their adventure. Hints about what the next update will be about will begin to appear so (very subtly I assure you) but until then, We’ll keep you posted on the main development of the game. If you wish to see gameplay, come along to an open code day at the Mahon coder dojo and meet the developers!
Until then
Thanks and good luck – Robert Long, Head of OutBox game studios.

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