Mega Ping-Pong “Easy Scratch”!

My game “Mega Ping-Pong” a prototype of the real in beta. The ball starts in the middle of the top of the screen. It falls down and you have to keep hitting it back to get points. If it touches the bottom you lose a life. When you lose all three lives you get a Game Over. There’s also power up to get you more points or to make the paddle longer. And watch out for the second ball.

Scratch is an easy code to start off with. Mega Ping-Pong is a simple Scratch game. If you have Scratch installed you can go into “File” and (open), you will see a file called “Examples”. If you open that you will see a list of example catigories. In the one called “Game” there is a game called “Pong”. Thats what my game is based on. There are other projects in File to help you start off. If you play around with them it will help you learn Scratch. You can also try doing something with the Scratch cat thet appears when you open Scratch. By reading the scripting at the left hand side of your page you can figure out Scratch. Learn and build up Scratch Games, Animations, Interactive Art, ect. with trial and error. And remember,

Above all be cool!


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