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Hi There! Just a quick post asking anyone with old or non-used PCs (or Macs, we’d love that!), to please donate them to the CoderDojo. Sometimes people can forget their laptops. In these situations, people could come to the CoderDojo, and then they would only realize that they forgot their laptop. We have a small amount of donated PCs, but we still need more. Most of you with old PCs are probably considering just throwing them out. But if you decide to donate them to your local CoderDojo, you could be helping someone that has either forgotten their computer, or does not have the right hardware. If you know of anybody with old or unused Computers, then please spread the word around your local area. Rather than ending up on a landfill, lots of old computers will be used again, therefore reducing waste.

Thanks for reading this post,

Lorcan O’Brien.


E-Mail me at [email protected]

Help prevent this A Landfill with old computers

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