Awesome Newsletter 10th September 2012

This Newsletter is sent to a small group of people who have specifically requested it, mainly focused on the NSC in Cork. Feel free to redistribute, copy, change and generally spread around the news. Remember ‘be cool’ and have a good week.
Regards Lindsay

Bill & James keep it real at TedxCIT

On Thursday last Bill and James made a terrific presentation at TedxCIT to a large crowd of educators and intellectuals. At one point it took a few seconds for the crowd to realise that two photographs on screen where actually taken 20yrs apart although both where suspiciously similar; the first photo was taken of James at the age of 13 and the other of Bill at the same age. So it seems there might be more similarities between the two cofounders than first meets the eye! Other talks that day included a fascinating one on ‘the internet of things’ where every object slowly gets tagged and referenced by the cloud, and a talk by Siobhan O’Sullivan on her pioneering work with ed4life where 20 years ago she started a small learning group for young scientists that had all the hallmarks of our Coderdojo movement, and we cannot forget to mention Joanne Riordan who was born without limbs and yet at the age of 15 has already presented to the UN and was not phased in the slightest giving a talk to the assembled crowd on the day. Watch out for a video recording of the event which we will put up on the blog as soon as it is available.

Teachers Welcome at the NSC in Cork

Another announcement made the same day; we are now welcoming teachers to the NSC Coderdojo held every Saturday from 12-3pm. We hope that teachers will take a little bit of time to come along and learn a little bit of HTML or Javascript which they can then take back to their classrooms and start incorporating into their lessons. We have already had many requests from teachers who would love to learn a bit of code and do not currently have the official resources to do so. These sessions are still regular Coderdojos which means that teachers will be invited to sit amongst the kids and take part in the ongoing team effort to help each other to code.

Calling Dojo Goers

A few different areas that anyone is free to take part in or use in their local Dojo.
Buy a recycled laptop for €120 – contact our new parent volunteer at [email protected]
Write a blog piece or newsletter to be published on the coderdojo blog. Contact [email protected]
Sign up to the forums at

Pizza Delivered to NSC Dojo

Local Domino’s owner Cathal McDonnell decided that the Coderdojo Ninja’s in Cork needed a bit of feeding up so he very generously sent over a few pizza’s to keep up their blood sugar levels and keep them hard at work learning code. Thankyou Cathal. See the attached picture of Harry Moran creator of the uber successful Pizzabot App finally getting his hands on some real world pizza.

A look at the Calendar

Udacity Meetup – the highly successful online course which has taught children as young as 10 how to build a search engine or even a bit of robotics and Bayesian mathematics; will be holding its meetup this weekend. Feel free to signup your friends onto one of the courses available at and get involved in the meet up this weekend which is taking place via online video streaming and discussion between students all around the world.
22nd September – Career Zoo – One of our key supporters Hays Recruitment has offered to man a stand informing Graduates and Corporates about Coderdojo (how to start one, how to get involved in one) taking place in two weeks in Dublin.

Where’s Wally James?

James is back at his desk ready to go at it ‘110%’ and help another group of Coderdojo’s get on their feet.

Overheard in the Forum…

If you haven’t already then checkout the new game programming forum under the coding section. In particular Colm’s (12) new game written in c++…Very cool.



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