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another great week in the Coderdojo movement, with lots of important things everyone needs to be told about. Please forward this onto anyone who might need a copy…
Breaking News – BNI Partnership
Coderdojo will be partnering with BNI to establish a new wave of Dojo’s all over the country.
Animation Competition
We are looking for an animated Coderdojo logo. If you think you’re up for the challenge then get started by taking the attached logo file and try animating it any way you can. We suggest you try a gif animation or a flash animation or maybe a web animation using css, we don’t mind how or what you do with it, just get started and then email a copy to [email protected]. The best entries will be submitted for the Intel Prize on 29th September.

Camara Ireland Cheap Laptops

We now have a deal with Camara Ireland to supply cheap laptops for all kids who might not have been able to afford one at high street prices. You can buy a fully guaranteed refurbished laptop for €200 on an instalment plan when sponsored by a mentor from your local dojo. If you are interested please contact[email protected]

The Limerick Mentor Moot – 13th October 2013

The event we are planning for 13th of October will comprise of 3 parts. The first will be a discussion on what “Best practice” guidelines we can put in place to help existing and new dojos. The second will be workshops on different techs with an aim of getting collaboration across dojos. The third will comprise of a night out in limerick where we can all network and have a bit of craic. Once the events website is ready we will be announcing the event to all mentors and will have the booking form in place. We hope the international dojos will attend in a virtual manner. There will be a Survey sent out to mentors and parents to get input on what subjects should be covered.

Gaming Competition
On the horizon is a large scale coding competition, across all the Dojo’s. Andrew Meaney has extensive experience working in the gaming industry and will be leading the development the Coder Dojo Evolution project, but serious work will not start until after the Intel Competition on the 29th September, and once we have kick started the forums online so everyone involved in the Coderdojo can get connected. Of course the Intel Coding competition is just hotting up and we have several potential entries from Cork alone. If you are interested in producing a small project such as a stickman game, a google map app, or anything else then contact your Mentor at your next Coderdojo session.
Until Next Time.
(Coderdojo Mentor)
A writer for the Independent Newspaper recently wrote an article about Coderdojo which was drastically edited for the final print, but through much begging I managed to get hold of the original version which you can now read in all its glory on our Blog

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