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wow its been an amazing few weeks for Coderdojo. The echo’s of the Leinster House Dojo are still ringing strong with many new Coderdojo’s now on the drawing board in communities across the country, including 2 new plans for Cork to be hosted by the YMCA and Glanmire Community Group. In the mean time I have a few notices for everyone in the Coderdojo Community. If you would like to see pictures and News articles from the #daildojo event click here
Otherwise here are the headlines for this week Coder Dojo News…

Intel Coder Dojo Competition
Intel is to run a competition to find the coolest programming project from Dojogoers, hosted at their Intel Campus (Dublin) on 29th September. Noel King from the DCU dojo is now championing the cause so if you are a mentor get in touch with him at [email protected]. If you are a coder then get in touch with your mentor!
Coder Dojo Pioneers create Startups
If you haven’t already heard we now have a group of students and mentors using free office space at the NSC in Cork to develop real world projects to bring to market. The aptly named ‘Dojo Pioneers’ is a pilot scheme in association with the National Software Centre, and currently has 4 micro-startup businesses, including Harry Moran’s ‘Secret App Lab’ where he is producing the next sensational Game to follow on from ‘Pizzabot’. We have plenty more desk space for all mentors and students interested in investigating their own project full time. Anyone interested please email me back directly at [email protected]
Android App Development Contract
We have had contact from a business interested in developing an App for Android, if you are interested in working on a paying project, or you know someone who could work with Java then let me know at [email protected]
Mentor Moots
I believe that is old english for meeting, I am currently aware of two mentor meetings setup with the aim of collaboration between mentors and discussing frustrations we can all work on together. The first will take place in Dublin 19th August but is already fully booked. The second will take place 13th October in Limerick and is being arranged by Eugene [email protected] If you are interested in arranging a mentor moot for mentors around the country then let Bill, James or myself know.
And Finally I have attached a great image of the movements founder James Whelton getting to high five An Taoiseach. Awesome.
Speak Soon.
(Mentor NSC)

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