Zen: Initial Commit


CoderDojo has exploded, with Dojos opening from Newry to New York to Tokyo. It has been and continues to be awesome and its all due to the brilliant volunteers and people involved to make it what it is. A lot of young people from various background have benefited, a unique environment has been spawned and truly amazing community has come about.

High-5 everyone, you rock! ūüôā

So with all this insane scaling, there was an issue, keeping track of Dojos was getting hard, in order to have a Dojo listed you needed to contact a volunteer with access to WordPress on CoderDojo.com and same story again with updating. Not a very scalable system eh? There had, from the beginning, been discuss between myself, Bill, Ben and a few others about creating a web app/network/whatnot for CoderDojo. ¬†Ben and I talked more on it. About 2 weeks ago, on the flight to go help out at the first American CoderDojo I hacked together ‘Zen’. ¬†I showed it to Ben and Bill and got a few people to do listings on the staging build. Ben vetted the code, did some tweaks and worked his magic. 2 weeks later, in the departure lobby, waiting for my flight back to Ireland, Zen was deployed to Orchestra¬†from¬†EngineYard¬†who are providing and sponsoring the cloud hosting (and we love them very much). Also protip, don’t deploy just before a flight, incase there are bugs and whatnot, it was kinda silly of me.

With Zen, I kept in mind the common attributes of Dojo listings and what could be useful to Dojo coordinators. People could go create a Dojo listing and maintain, add some bells and whistles like a Google map and eventbrite booking widget. It is still pretty early stages, but there has been good feedback and a lot of plans for it. Dojos when created, are unverified, meaning they are omitted from the main list. Admins on a regular basis verify Dojos.

So here it is, Zen: http://zen.coderdojo.com

Even better, here is the source code: https://github.com/coderdojo/zen (Hell yeah, open source)

If you have any suggestions or issues, please open one on GitHub issues: https://github.com/coderdojo/zen/issues

Happy hacking and more to come,


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