A quick update from Limerick

To say that the Limerick Dojo has really taken off in the past few weeks would be an understatement.  The mentors, members (new and old), and parents are all so enthusiastic about the movement and there is a great atmosphere in the LIT Downtown Centre on a Saturday afternoon.  We’ve also had the pleasure of visitors from those looking to start Coderdojo Athlone (watch this space) so they could get an idea of what running Coderdojo events can be like.

We now have 3 large rooms to cater for all the attendees and thanks to huge support from LIT, our network has been significantly upgraded as well as extra power points installed.  Nothing is too much trouble for the ever reliable Jim, the porter, who has helped with all sorts of requests from bin bags to storage, power cords to extra chairs and tables.  One of our mentors, Pam O’Brien, has written excellent blogs on Coderdojo Limerick which you can check out here.  If you are interested in all sorts of Maths-related topics, use of technology in the classroom/lecture hall, and education in Ireland, follow Pam on Twitter.

Looking forward to this Saturday – everybody’s welcome to join.

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